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Every home needs styling, without exception.  Beautifully selected pieces of art, homewares, ceramics and glass complement a well designed interior.  It’s then that the owner’s personality is celebrated.  The joy in a beautiful artwork that makes you happy day after day.  Or a hand made vase which glows and delights the touch. Personal keepsakes such as wedding gifts displayed artfully.


The wonderful gift in styling these objects well, is that it is all some homes require. We have often visited homes to discuss renovation or decorating plans, only to start moving existing furniture and artworks around with the owner to their absolute amazement.  It is wonderful to see a space or an object come alive from being cleverly styled.  We love to re use, re invent, reinvigorate. It’s not always about buying more stuff (…and then sometimes it is!).  Other times it is just about ‘re homing’ unnecessary objects that are just taking up space,  and could instead give pleasure to a friend or family member. 


Ask us about helping you to style your home beautifully.

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